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Meet Léon

Hello and welcome to LMJ Productions!

I'm Léon, performer, choreographer, and creative director with extensive experience in Theatre, Film, Cabaret, Television and International tours.

Over the past 25 years I've enjoyed working worldwide and in London's West End with a variety of artists. 

I've always loved Soul, Motown, Swing, and R'n'B music. It occurred to me that the entertainment industry was lacking some highly professional acts that showcased the talents of some of the amazing performers I had come to know during my career. Inspired by that need, I created the FlyRights, Harmony 3 and Grapevine Soul.

World class acts with superb vocals, outstanding choreography, memorable performances and simply a great night out!



Performance, Choreography & Direction Credits include...


Léon on 'The FlyRights'

In 2013 I launched The Flyrights - The three of us have been friends for years and have so much fun working together! 

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Léon on 'Harmony 3'

Having worked with Beyoncé, Destiny's Child, Bjork and many more I know the value of a Diva on stage - that's why I knew how much our audiences would love Harmony 3!

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Léon on 'Grapevine Soul'

The ultimate live experience!

Now this combination was a natural progression: merging the amazing vocals and harmonies of the FlyRights and Harmony 3 with an incredible live band of top notch musicians I've worked with over the years.

Our Clients Include...